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 11 is the most utilized website by buyers and suppliers who want to ensure that their valuable samples coming to Bentonville, Arkansas USA are handled carefully, assembled accurately, and delivered on time.

    Our convenient form makes notifying us of your shipment easy and efficient. There is a numbered guideline to assist you on the next page. Please email us with any questions and we will be glad to assist you.

    Thank you for the opportunity to be of service!

  • I am flexible with the design, be creative. I understand that this is subjective and may take more design time.

  • Start with my example but I am open to your interpretation.

  • Follow my example closely. I understand that resizing may be needed to fit the dimensions.

  • ESTIMATE ONLY - I am not sure yet.
  • No file. Files submitted Parachuting Penguins will expire after 14 business days from estimate date

  • My file are print ready(PDF files only)

  • Please produce according to my order selections.

  • Design is needed, have sample file with my information.
  • No file, please use artwork from quote. Files submitted Parachuting Penguins will expire after 14 business days from estimate date

  • My file are print ready(PDF files only)

  • Please produce according to my order selections.

  • Design is needed, have sample file with my information.
  • Floor-standing: Black Multi Dimensional Display (Unit #1)

  • Floor-standing: 8' x 10' Black & Gray 3 Piece (Unit #3)
  • Test
    By securing your order with a credit card you agree to assume all responsibility and willingness to pay for this order and/or any outstanding invoices on the account.

    If you would like to use an alternate form of payment, you must note it in the "Additional Information" at the time of your order and have another form of payment at the time of pickup. We will process your credit card if no other payment form is provided.

    You will be responsible for all costs incurred in the collection process of past due balances including attorneys fees.
    This service provides comprehensive project management for your entire presentation. We handle everything from confirming your appointment, making sure all product has been received and is properly stored, transporting product to your appointment, and handling product presentation on your behalf.

    All of our personnel are courteous and professionally attired because we know that our service is a direct reflection on your company and as well as our own.

    Afterwards we are responsible for ensuring that the work station has been cleaned so that the final impression your buyer has is entirely positive. We also provide a full report on the presentation to you by email or phone as soon as we return to our office-if not sooner.

    Administrative and consulting time (verifying appointments, confirming information with buyers or the kitchen staff necessary for the meeting) is only billed at $40/hr.

    Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.
    Our experienced assistants are available to help you in every possible way to prepare for your presentation. They can assist with set up, service, as well as clean up. All of our personnel are courteous and professionally attired.

    Our mission is to take as much stress out of the process as possible so that you can concentrate on your presentation and ensure that it runs smoothly.

    When the presentation has concluded, we can clean up which can free you up to spend more time with your buyer, meet with other members of your team to recap, or simply catch your flight.

    In the case where your travel suddenly conflicts with attending the meeting, we are also ready to handle everything per your direction.

    You are welcome to contact us with any questions regarding this or any of our other supplier support products and services.
    If you are planning on coming to Bentonville and working in person, but need someone on the ground here to folow up or gather additional information, this would be the appropriate service for you.

    Our exstensive dealings with both Walmart and Sam's Club is available to you to help make your trip here a success.
    For those times when your meeting will be held away from a kitchen facility and you need plates, servicewear, a competing product for comparison, virtually anything, we are ready to help.

    This service can be utilized with other services that we offer or contracted seperately.
    All time for full service and assistance is billed by rounding to the next half hour. Administrative services are billed accumulatively. Hourly charges are per person, and only one person will be assigned to a project unless directed otherwise.
    Formatting files for production generally ranges from $15 - $30. If more work is required beyond this charge, you will be notified beforehand. We will try to accurately estimate any necessary work before it is begun based on a quick overview of your files. If you have indicated that your files have been correctly formatted to print within the margins of the paper selected. We will print exactly as presented. You are responsible for all prints produced from these files regardless of whether the print parameters are ultimately correct or not. Any files requiring additional design time will be charged at normal design rates and customer will be notified prior to this work being started.

    If Parachuting Penguins feels that your files are not set up correctly and we cannot quickly format your file(s) to match your indicated options, then we will not print until we have contacted you. At that time, you can choose to resubmit your files after corrections have been made, or authorize us to make necessary corrections for a set charge which will be discussed with you at that time. Please make sure we have a phone number that we can reach you or a colleague at up until 11pm Central Time.
    If you proceed without logging in you will have to enter all contact information and it will not be saved. We offer this selection for those who do not wish to open an account and donít think that they will be sending additional packages in the future.

    If you believe that you will be using this service in the future we recommend that you create an account profile so that your basic contact information will be auto-populated for all future transactions.

    Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this or any other concerns on our website.
    When a specific delivery time is selected our team will do everything possible to make your delivery at that time. As part of this process it is our policy to call the recipient once the package has been received and confirm the delivery time. If the recipient requests a different delivery time, we will comply with that request.

    Time sensitive deliveries can only satisfied once we have possession of the package and contact has been made with the receiver. If a requested time is effected by a late delivery from your courier (FedEx, UPS, etc), or we cannot make contact with the receiver, we will contact you to obtain updated delivery instructions.
    Shipping Addresses

    For packages lighter than 45kg:
    Parachuting Penguins (Office)
    1201 S Walton Blvd.
    Suite 101
    Bentonville, Arkansas 72712

    For palletized and crated freight or packages heavier than 45kg:
    Parachuting Penguins (Warehouse)
    701 SE 5th Street
    Bentonville, Arkansas 72712

    Packing Options
    (You must choose at least one option)
    Additional charges will be applied for these services.

    Signature required
    Declared value (detail below)
    Additional insurance required (detail below)
    Must be on pallet
    Liftgate service needed at delivery point
    Repackage as necessary
    Notify me of packaging cost, but ship ASAP
    Provide quote for packing before sending
    Mark box(s) as FRAGILE
    Mark box(s) as DO NOT BEND
    Mark box(s) as DO NOT BOTTOM STACK
    Dry ice "Mark as Dry Ice"
    Mark box(s) as SATURDAY DELIVERY

    Add More Tracking Numbers